The paintings presented here are samples from prior series and commissions. Acrylics are all on gesso canvases. Oil paintings are in two groups: oil on gesso canvas, and oil on a special canvas preparation (SCP) taught during an apprenticeship with Mati Klerwein. The canvas preparation is modified from canvas preparations some masters of old used. It results in a surface similar to porcelain and creates greater pigment luminosity and increased archival preservation, because in combination with the technique, the painting doesn't crack over time.

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A Story From High School

"There was a period in high school that I was bored with an art class assignment, a still-life watercolor of a wine bottle and vase with plastic fruit, but I turned in the assignment. The next day, my teacher/mentor Mr. Wilson moved the entire class forward while I sat in a corner working on the same still-life. A couple of weeks later what I achieved provided me a passing grade. I still remember the luminosity achieved within the wine bottle and grapes. Today, I appreciate a well-rendered still-life, I like sitting in a corner to paint; I use the technique Mr. Wilson insisted on in my acrylics, but there's nothing much better than a portrait."

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